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For Tioni, success stories are more than just stories – they are testimonies to our passion and expertise. Immerse yourself in the world of our projects that show how we overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results together with our customers. Each story is proof that with the right team and the right attitude, anything is possible.

Our Projects

Agile Transformation meets Data Driven Company: How Tioni turned FIEGE’s vision into measurable added value.

Agile transformation in the tech sector: How C&A is preparing for the future.

Digital revolution in the healthcare industry: Tioni is shaping technological change at MedHealth*.

What our customers say

“Data Driven Culture is about bringing together the right people and their talents to create great things with passion. Tioni is an important part of this team! Tioni has accompanied us professionally and socially, always with the highest passion and commitment, on the stormy journey of agile transformation and driven us to peak performance.”

Marco Geuer
Head of Global Data Strategy & Solutions, FIEGE

“2.5 years of collaboration and innovation – and we’ve had great fun! With Tioni, we introduced agile working, passionately built a high-performing team, and ensured the adoption of new BI technology was top-notch.”

Stefan Küttel
ITD Ressortleiter, CSS Versicherung AG

“We have achieved great changes within our teams in a very short time with Tioni, from mindset to the use of new tools. The teams, customers and stakeholders are very happy with our new and compelling delivery quality achieved through our new agile ways of working.”

Hans-Martin Sadlers
VP BI Competence Center, Vodafone

Our Customers

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