Agile transformation in the field of tech: how C&A is preparing for the future

C&A, a leading fashion company in Europe, is characterized by quality and innovation in the clothing industry. With over 100 years of tradition and a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical production, C&A has established itself as a pioneer in the fashion industry.

Facts & Figures


years of experience
in the fashion industry


across Europe


Stores in 17
european countries

100 %

Commitment to
sustainability and
ethnic fashion


Our mission
In view of the rapidly changing fashion world and technological advances, C&A was faced with the challenge of modernizing its IT and tech structures. The aim was to improve delivery quality and speed and establish an agile mindset within the company. The focus was on fostering a trusting, collaborative team focused on customer-centric innovation, lean processes and continuous learning.

Tioni’s role
In the transformation of C&A, the focus was on redesigning the teams and domains to effectively integrate agile principles and ways of working. This included the creation and alignment of OKRs, the training and introduction of agile methods and the gradual improvement of development times, customer and employee satisfaction. To increase business agility, a product-oriented operating model was developed and lean portfolio management was established. Change teams conducted change experiments to support the transformation at all levels of the organization.

The added value
The direct involvement of employees in the transformation process led to broad support and acceptance of the changes. By conducting small change experiments, the benefits were quickly made visible. Each team developed its own collaboration model, which led to a flexible and efficient way of working, with OKRs and lean portfolio management contributing to clear orientation and prioritization.

C&A’s success story shows how the company not only increased its operational efficiency through agile transformation, but also created a culture of innovation and adaptability. Be inspired by this story and discover how your company can also benefit from such a transformation.

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Holger Dittombée
Founder, CEO and Transformation Lead

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