Agile transformation meets data-driven company:
How Tioni turned FIEGE’s vision into measurable added value

The Fiege Group, headquartered in Greven, Westphalia, is one of the most innovative logistics providers in Europe. Fiege is a family business in its fifth generation and is considered a pioneer in contract logistics. Modular solutions in the areas of logistics, digital services, real estate and ventures form the core of its business activities.

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Success story

Our mission
FIEGE Logistik had the vision to form a powerful Data & Analytics team. The goal was to develop world-class data products that would enable informed decisions in the various business areas. To achieve this, it was crucial to attract top experts to the team and seamlessly integrate new talent.

Tioni’s role
After an in-depth analysis of our client’s specific requirements and needs, Tioni implemented agile, cross-functional teams at FIEGE. These teams work hand in hand with the customer to continuously develop the products. An innovative product and demand management system, coupled with an effective collaboration model, forms the backbone for the realignment of the Data & Analytics division at FIEGE.

The added value
Transparency is key: work processes, product requirements and priorities are clear and comprehensible at all times. This enables the rapid development of valuable data products. In addition, the agile way of working promotes continuous improvement of team dynamics and enables the teams to learn from their mistakes and constantly develop further.

This success story shows how Tioni and FIEGE have worked together to achieve an agile transformation that promotes not only operational excellence but also cultural change. Be inspired and recognize the potential that lies within your company.

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Holger Dittombée
Founder, CEO and Transformation Lead

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