Digital revolution in the healthcare industry: How Tioni is shaping technological change at MedHealth*

MedHealth*, a leading provider in the healthcare sector, represents innovation and quality within patient care. With an impressive history of medical excellence and a strong focus on digital transformation, the company has positioned itself as a forward-thinking organisation.

Facts & Figures


years of experience
in the healthcare sector



2 million

customers and
business in several countries


in the digital
health innovation


Our mission
MedHealth* faced the challenge of expanding its digital capabilities to increase the efficiency of patient care while improving data processing and security. The goal was to achieve seamless integration of digital technologies into all areas of patient care.

Tioni’s role
Tioni took the lead in the digital transformation of MedHealth. By implementing agile methods and introducing advanced data analysis tools, Tioni succeeded in optimising the digital processes. A particular focus was on training employees to use the new technologies effectively and establish a culture of continuous improvement. The focus was on bringing together a wide variety of personalities and experts to form a powerful, innovative, high-performance team.

The added value
The transformation made MedHealth’s processes more efficient and secure. The introduction of a centralised data management system significantly improved decision-making and patient care. The agile way of working made it possible to react quickly to changes in the healthcare sector and drive innovation. Through the introduction of new key performance indicators, the continuous improvement in terms of delivery efficiency, delivery effectiveness and customer satisfaction can now be measured.

MedHealth’s success story shows how the collaboration with Tioni has realised a comprehensive digital revolution in healthcare. This transformation has not only increased operational efficiency, but also created a culture of innovation and adaptability within the organisation. Be inspired by this story and discover the potential of digital transformation in your organisation.

*name of organisation has been changed

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Holger Dittombée
Founder, CEO and Transformation Lead

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