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Leverage Tioni iLP’s AI to transform team dynamics, enabling accelerated and unified development across your organization.

iLP Benefits

Disruptive, modern learning unlocks human potential

Millions served in 50+ languages with personalized approach

Over 24 awards including Forbes‘ „Best LMS.“

Beautiful, intuitive, AI-Powered platform

iLP Benefits

Personalized Skills development

Most-advanced AI capabilities

Leading social learning experience

Proven content catalogues embedded

The fastest way to create a course with competencies,
assessments & more – in minutes

Easy Start

Pre-loaded with curated content and renowned training modules and substantial integration capabilities.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Our LMS is available on all devices and platforms, enabling learners and
trainers to access and manage courses from anywhere.

Personalized Skills Development

Fast delivery of new content with our AI 360 copilot incl. powerful analytcis.

Collaborative Learning

Own-built learning paths, collaborative learning within the intelligent learning platform.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our platform standardizes training, reduces redundancy, and offers a centralized knowledge hub, making learning both cost-effective and efficient.

AI-Driven, Integrated, Automated Learning


Tailored, competency-based learning paths and AI-driven content creation.

Integrated Content

Catalogues of renowned E-learning platforms, like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, edX, Go1.

Advanced Gamification

Beyond just badges, it supports the world’s largest gamification implementation.

Social Learning Features

Comprehensive social learning with built-in messaging, forums, and real-time communication.

User-Friendly Design

An intuitive interface that enhances the overall learning experience and simplifies navigation.

Built-In Assessments

Automated grading and tracking of learner progress through quizzes, assignments, and exams.


You’ll gain comprehensive insights into learning progress and can optimize the effectiveness of your training programs with our analytics tools.

Platform-Wide Automation

Breaks down traditional LMS limitations with automated features across the platform.

Boosting Productivity,
Cutting Costs,
Elevating Teams

Cost Gap – Never enough money

Traditional content development and delivery is expensive. You need multiple tools to develop and deliver content – a cumbersome and complex endeavor costing you precious time, money, and energy.

After using the AI360 copilot: reduce costs

  • Significantly lower content creation costs
  • Free up L&D and educator time and funding
  • Optimize limited L&D, HR, and education budgets

Reduce costs by at least 80% building your course!

Time Gap – Never enough time

Developing a high-quality learning program is time-consuming, taking over 430 hours on course content alone. Integrating essential elements like competency mapping and gamification can exacerbate delays, straining L&D professionals and educators. AI 360 not only delivers customized course content but also automates competency mapping, gamification, quizzes, and study guides, ensuring more efficient and elevated learning experiences.

After using the AI 360 copilot: more time to teach and train

  • Drastically reduce content development time
  • Respond to training and education needs swiftly
  • Get faster return on training and education investments

Build 80% of your course in just 10 minutes!

Speed Gap – Never enough people

L&D and educators can’t keep up with the content and training demands from numerous business units on top of onboarding, compliance, and other duties. Plus, you receive requests to have programs and courses done…like yesterday! You can never move fast enough.

After using the AI 360 copilot: keep pace with change

  • Keep pace with changes in trends, roles, and fields
  • Stay aligned with real-time developments
  • Increase agility and adaptability when needed

Immediate updates of your courses anytime!

Tioni iLP powered by CYPHER

Unleashing potential together

Tioni and Cypher Learning bring you the ultimate in team-building and training technology. Our partnership enhances your workforce with the most innovative, award-winning AI-driven LMS and LXP solutions. Discover training that’s tailored to your needs—efficient, scalable, and exceptionally personalized.

As a premium re-seller we offer custom-made services to save you time and resources to quickly meet the demands of modern learning.


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achieve their learning goals with
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Award-winning platform

What our customers say

„The platform has allowed our team to create, host, and develop a full catalog of courses of multiple types and offer those to both in-person and virtual students.“

CEO, Medium-sized
Professional Services Company

„The learning solution is very easy to understand and easy to navigate. If there is a problem in the platform, help is just one click away; the technical support team responds immediately, giving you great feedback on how to solve the issues we have encountered.“

System Administrator,
Training Academy

„This is an outstanding platform for online personalized training and development. The platform offers quick and easy access to educational resources for all our learners.“

Leadership &
Team Trainer

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