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Next Level Team Performance

We build high-performance teams with focus, commitment and passion – teams that burn for a common goal, who inspire themselves and each other repeatedly and thus initiate a transformation covering the entire company.

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How we work


Change starts with a clear purpose.


Bring collaboration tools and rules in place.


Build momentum and create value step by step.


Reflect cultural impact and continue to apply best practices.

What our customers say

“Data Driven Culture is about bringing together the right people and their talents to create great things with passion. Tioni is an important part of this team! Tioni has accompanied us professionally and socially, always with the highest passion and commitment, on the stormy journey of agile transformation and driven us to peak performance.”

– Marco Geuer
Head of Global Data Strategy & Solutions, FIEGE

“2.5 years of collaboration and innovation – and we’ve had great fun! With Tioni, we introduced agile working, passionately built a high-performing team, and ensured the adoption of new BI technology was top-notch.”

– Stefan Küttel
ITD Ressortleiter, CSS Versicherung AG

“We have achieved great changes within our teams in a very short time with Tioni, from mindset to the use of new tools. The teams, customers and stakeholders are very happy with our new and compelling delivery quality achieved through our new agile ways of working.”

– Hans-Martin Sadlers
VP BI Competence Center, Vodafone

Our Principles

A successful company should transform along two axes: Team and product.

High-performance teams have a lot in common. Above all: passion, focus, and a clear commitment.

Involve your team. Define your purpose, goals and working methods together and talk openly about failures. This is how you create a purposeful and psychologically safe environment for your team.

Trust” – published in the magazine “Business Coaching”

This issue of the Business Coaching Magazine (02/2022) is all about trust. In his article, Holger observes trust at the center of High-performance-teams and company success. 

Reasons to choose us

  • BELIEFS: unique model for building high-performance teams
  • Highest customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Best agile experts, coaches and trainers
  • We help teams deliver more valuable outcome faster
  • Proven New-Work solutions for any business size

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