Senior Agile Coach

We want to inspire people to use their strengths together to successfully master the greatest challenges with joy. The cornerstone of this endeavor lies in unwavering appreciation for each individual, fostering a secure, respectful, diverse, and inclusive environment. This serves as the bedrock for cultivating a motivating atmosphere where trust flourishes and self-organization naturally evolves.

We are currently looking for inspiring and motivated Senior Agile Coaches for our clients, individuals equipped with the necessary expertise to gradually build and continually develop new high-performance teams and organizations.

Your responsibilities

Empowering organizations through lean structures and agile workflows

Transforming leaders into agile visionaries and trailblazers

Targeted mentoring of teams and stakeholders for agile mindsets and tools

Active support in introducing agile methods within teams and organizations

Consultation for optimization of the agile organizational model

Coaching as a motivator and catalyst across all levels within the organization

Your skills and experiences

Extensive expertise in agile methodologies within large international organizations

Proven ability to operate agile frameworks agnostically, tailoring approaches based on specific contexts rather than enforcing a fixed model

Proficiency in organizational design based on lean principles (e.g. value streams)

Strong facilitation skills (e.g. retrospectives, workshops, trainings)

Proactive identification and resolution of workflow bottlenecks

Influential without exerting power; exceptional stakeholder management skills

Emphasis on inclusivity, psychological safety, and fostering a culture of shared learning and growth

General conditions / requirements

Proficiency in both German and English is a prerequisite

Proficient handling of common tools such as Confluence, Jira, or Miro

Minimum of 3 years of demonstrable experience as a Senior Agile Coach

Desired engagement: minimum 50% to full-time commitment

Typically 80% remote / 20% onsite arrangement

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